Saturday, November 1, 2014

Shovel for November

Can't believe it's November already!

Game plan for this month is as follows:

- Sort out driving license paper work. One of my goals for this year. I know it is not possible to get it before the end of this year but at least I want to sign up for that and collect all the papers needed. France is a beautiful country. But paper work here sucks.

- Blood tests. You know, just a general medical check.

- Tonya’s Health & Wealth Challenge. This is something that I am looking forward. More details you can read here. I modified this a little bit according to my life-style. But I created a new Facebook album to keep the track of it. Join us! It will be fun.

- Cycling 120km. I have stationary bike at home. “stationary bike” is a big word, it is my boyfriend’s mom old bike that we put on the indoor bike trainer (something that looks similar to this one). I use it for my work outs before work. I was pretty good with my morning routine in October so I want challenge myself a bit in November. It will be my part of Tonya’s challenge.

- Complete two modules for my studies. Oh well…

- Complete my study cases for two modules. Wish me luck!

- Get in touch with someone I haven’t heard/seen in a while. Easy, right?

- Update grocery expenses Excel sheet. I need to admit I haven’t done that in a while but I was collecting all the bills religiously. I just need to find an hour or something to update my magic sheet.

- Buy Christmas presents. Could be awesome if I got everything in November before X-mas fever will start. I am not sure how realistic it is for me but let’s give it a try.

- Send a birthday card to grandma. Happy B-day to the most amazing lady in my life!

- Create house renovation tab on the blog. SO much going on, so many projects already accomplished and many more to be finished (at least I hope so). Would be nice to put it somewhere.

- Sort out new health insurance in France. For people working in Switzerland but living in France it used to work this way that we had to have private health insurance. It was your choice which company it was, how much you wanted to pay and what it was covering. Due to new governmental restrictions, “health insurance tax” will be deducted from our salaries to the government. You can still have your private insurance if you want. What I need to do this month is to get my new health insurance card and decide if I want some extra health insurance.

- Cleaning challenge: one drawer/cupboard per week. With studies, full time job and house renovation, I don’t have much time to be “the perfect housewife”. But on the top of regular cleaning, I thought to try to clean one cupboard/drawer per week. You know, this kind of places that you don’t use often or you do but because they are always closed and no one can your mess you’re not that bother about them.

My dear blog... I am so sorry that I abandoned you. You know that it is not because I don't think about you. I really do. But there is so much going on in offline line.

Much love, 


Sunday, June 1, 2014

Shovel for June

To do list for this month is quite simple:

Inspiration from: very professional private picture.
- Book tickets to Australia: believe it or not, we haven’t done that yet. Some holidays planning issues at my boyfriend’s work but I want to do this this week or just after the weekend.

- Meet with two people I haven’t seen in a while: I think there is nothing to explain, I just need to find some more time to reconnect with others.

- My boyfriend’s B-day: find a present or something we can do together.

- Order exterior and interior doors. #lovinghouserenovation

- Have the tiles on the floor done.

- Have the kitchen installed.

- Keep calm and paint, just pain(t).

- Sort out retirement plan declaration in Poland.

- Start German classes.

- Run at least 50km this month. 

Good luck with your goals for this month!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Shovel-in May

Quick update about what Shovel digged out in May. First of fall, I changed a job. Yes, yes, I did it. More details in another post (hopefully) but I am very happy with this change. It is a big challenge for me, a lot of learning, etc. but I feel good with it, motivated and looking forward to that moment when I will be done with the training and will be working on my own. I think that is the biggest news from the last month.

That's that farm seen from the distance.
What else? One of my resolution for this year was to see where my grandfather was living in France during the 2nd Word War. Long story short, I found this place, we went there, talked with the owner of the farm, made pictures and came back home. It was amazing feeling to be there, to be in the kitchen where my grandpa was eating dinners with this family that helped him at that time and to have a walk around that farm where he was working and playing football as a teenager. He didn’t know that I went there, I am going to send him some pictures to give him another good reason to have a big smile on his face :)

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Updated dreams: marathon

Inspiration from: Pinterest

I don’t know how and when it happened that it’s March already. Almost three months since the beginning of 2014. I still remember December when I was looking forward to this new and fresh start to 2014, being thankful for all good that happened in 2013 and hoping to make 2014 even better. 

I made some goals for myself, for my career, studies, personal life and because Q1 is almost over, I thought it might be a good idea to check how are things going. You can name them however you want, it can be “goal”, “resolution”, “to-do-list” or “dream” for you. But I had one dream: to complete marathon this year. Quick update about it: it is out of my list for this year. So…

The plan was… 

…to run a marathon in Brisbane in August this year. My boyfriend had a friend at work. He was from Scotland. His wife was from Australia. They were living with their kids in France. Amazing people. After some time, they decided to move back to Australia. Guys were jogging together from time to time, they did some trial runs and before they left, his friend said: “you will come to Brisbane one day and we will do a marathon together”. Half-joking, half-serious but still sober at that time, my lovely boyfriend said “deal!”.  Fast forward, three years later, I was on the “marche populaire” in our neighbourhood with my boyfriend when we started talking about that. I don’t know, maybe too much fresh air, maybe I was too tired to pay attention to what I was saying but in the end we thought “come on, why not?!”. He called his friend the next day and he said “it’s amazing idea, let’s do that!”. It was around September/October 2013.

In the meantime…

…my lovely boyfriend started his training. My lovely myself got sick and spend October fighting with a cold for three weeks. Then I wasted November on eating antibiotic and taking steroids and when I thought that things were going to change in December, I had awful accident in the office when I fell on my knee. Another cold and antibiotics in January. All in all, I missed four months of the training. 

Reality check is…

…I started “jogging” in February. My very first jogging was on 3rd February. 1,29km in 10 minutes and 10 seconds done in five intervals: 1 minute of jogging, 1 minute of walking and again… 1 minute of jogging, 1 minute of walking. I did it but in my fourth minute of jogging I was thinking that I’m too young to die and how I was going to call the ambulance if I don’t speak French. Ok, I know, it sounds dramatic and maybe it wasn’t that bad but it was not the best experience, to say the least.
But I didn’t give up. I went for two more runs, seven intervals: 1 minute of jogging, 1 minute of walking. I did it! With burning pain in my chest, red face like fire-brigade’s car but it was done! And… I was done as well. My body not used to exercise and after such a long brake, just said “no”. I had the worst pain in my both knees I’ve ever experienced in my life. I was “taking it easy”, I was avoiding stairs, walking too fast, I was using special gel three times in a day. After one week break I was back in the game. 

It’s mid-March already and I completed 13 runs together. My work-out yesterday was 2 minutes of jogging, 1 minute of walking, repeated six times. 2,42km done. Just as a reminder, my first run was 1,29km. Still with a red face but without pain in the chest, sore muscles next day and wondering if what I feel now in my body is the first sign of heart attack/stroke/put whatever you want here.
I will do 2.5 minutes of jogging and 1 minute of walking as of next week. When I’m not jogging, I cycle on my stationary bike at home. Work-out like that takes around 30 minutes and I complete 10-11km in that time. I know I can do more but I don’t want to push myself too hard, I just want to avoid problems with my knees like I had in February. 

New update is…

…I won’t sign up for a marathon. But it doesn’t mean I gave up this project in Australia. My plan is to complete half marathon. It will be still a big challenge for me but I believe it is realistic and doable for me. I have 4,5 months for preparations. So, that’s the plan. That’s my updated dream. Thoughts, prayers and sending good karma are more than appreciated ;)