Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Grocery expenses in 2013

...ok, ok, it's only from November until the end of December but hey, it was just a beginning ;)
I guess that everyone knows that grocery shopping is one of the biggest part of our budget every month. One of my resolution this year is to track grocery expenses. I started doing that in mid November and I would like to keep this habit. We do our shopping once a week, usually in the same place and the bill is split in different categories what makes it even easier to track all expenses. 
So from mid November until the end of 2013 it looked like that: 
  • we made 3 shopping trips in two weeks of November and four in December
  • we spent 1035,92EUR in six weeks:  423,03EUR in November and 612,89EUR in December
  • December was expensive: some Christmas presents were included in that budget
  • here is the chart showing different categories: 

Epicerie: bread, eggs, milk, tea, coffee, pasta, rice, etc: 268,66EUR
Liquides: water, Coke, alcohol, wine: 173,63EUR
DHP: cleaning, laundry supplies, etc: 91,35EUR
Bazar: different things, kitchen scale, etc: 90,50EUR
Boucherie: butchery: 120,41EUR
Volaille: chicken: 40,84EUR
Charcuterie, Traiteur: sliced meet for sandwiches, etc.: 42,52EUR
Cremerie fromage: cheese, feta, mozzarella: 49,51EUR
Surgeles: frozen things like pizza, fish sticks, French fries: 25,86EUR
Fruits, legumes: fruits and vegetables: 67,82EUR
Poissonnerie: fish, frutti di mare: 24,23EUR
Textile, chaussures: stockings, shoes for a little baby-girl: 31,00EUR
Puericulture: b-day cards, wrapping papaer, etc: 12,18EUR

Is it a lot? Yes and no. Some Christmas gifts were included. We take our lunch boxes very often so we can spend less on lunch in the office. But most interesting thing about it is that 1035EUR is 1402USD. For six weeks for groceries for only two people... I know that we don't live in US and I shouldn't compare but when I read PF blogs and shopping monthly budgets it is hard not to do that. Couponing is not that popular (or I can say it almost doesn't exist) but I can find good deals sometimes and if I know it is worth buying in advance-I do that. If I see that I can get more for a lower price just buying in a bulk-I do that. So right now the best solution to make this budget low is just to go on a diet :)

Anyone out there from Europe? :)


  1. I would say that is a LOT of money to North American standards. I shop all organic, all produce, all the time and only spend half of that, but we're on a whole different continent!

    1. I know :/ That's why when I read some PF blogs in US I feel guilty and I ask myself all the time how bad my habits are. Even when I know I'm not a shopping-master , I try to do my best. Egh, Europe... Always in love and hate relationship with this continent ;)

  2. Food is just cheaper in the states. we have such huge land masses dedicated to food production.